Piaggio SIDE Table

The Piaggio side table is the perfect illustration of artistic elegance combined with flawless craftsmanship. Inspired by the Italian designs, the tabletop features the iconic Versace border and the smooth curves of a Piaggio. Sculpted from rich mango wood and accentuated with an epoxy touch, this side table stands atop a metallic base, flaunting a natural finish that further enhances its beauty.  From placing down your cup of tea to laying down a board for a game of chess, it can be effortlessly versatile, catering to your every need.
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Rs. 6,000.00
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Rs. 6,000.00
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Source of Inspiration

Inspired by the Italian Designs

Handle & Care Instructions

Do not use it outside and alway clean it with soft cloth.

Delivery & Assembly

12-15 Days Delivery Time and Assembly not required.

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